There are only two things you need
to know about the future.

It’s predictable and it’s amazing!


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Are you ready to take your creative ideas from ‘incremental’ to ‘disruptive’ or even ‘destructive’? Nick Webb just spoke to one of our teams and left the group inspired and eager to break our normal conventions. He’s right when he says Innovation is not a bumper sticker – you have to do something to make it come to life. Cal Austin Regional Director – Pfizer InnovationHome

Meet Nicholas

Nicholas will WOW your audience with an incredible journey through
the future of innovation. Most importantly, your organization will get
actionable insights on how to build a “future ready” enterprise.

CEO, Professor, Inventor, Bestselling Author

  • Awarded Over 40 US Patents for Breakthrough Technologies
  • Number One Bestselling Author
  • CEO of Lassen Scientific, Inc., an Innovation and Technology Firm
  • Served as Adjunct Professor of Health Science Education
  • One of the Top Futurist, Innovation, Healthcare and Leadership Speakers
  • One of the world’s top 50 Business Gurus

Nicholas Is A Number One Bestselling Author.


Published by the largest book publishers in the world, Nicholas has a massive body of knowledge from his research. His books include his best-selling books, The Innovation Playbook, The Digital Innovation Playbook, What Great Leaders Know, and his most recent Five Star Rated, Number One Best-Selling book, What Customers Crave.



Book now and get a FREE Digital Book (Breakers) for your entire audience


  • “His presentation was VERY well received!”
    Jeanette F. , Director of Sales Operations / Cigna
  • “I got raving reviews, including from the global head of R&D
    and head of quality, who were all in the room. ” David Lee, Baxalta
  • “Nicholas Webb’s talk as a religious experience.
    Amazing talk.
    Carla Lyons, VP Marketing / Lillibridge Healthcare Services, Inc.
  • “The best speaker out of all the years of our event!”
    April Love, Marketing Service Manager / Limelight Networks
  • “Nick Webb boldly debunks common myths about innovation
    and he’s not afraid to use children, pumpkins, or massages to do it.” Susan Obermeier
    Association of Strategic Planners / 2013 Co-Chair Speakers Committee

Trusted by The Best Brands In The World




In this powerful presentation, Nicholas will show your audience how to lead their industries in disruptive
innovation and enterprise collaboration.


Learn why the best organizations in healthcare are leveraging – Consumerization, Connection Architecture,
Disruptive Innovation and New Economic Models.


The future belongs to organizations that understand the building blocks of the future. Including technology,
new economic models and consumerization.


Studies prove that the best organizational leaders are building collaborative organizations that are driving improved
customer experiences (CX) and disruptive innovations.


Today, marketing has turned into an innovation discipline. Learn what the best organizations in the world are doing to
drive growth and profit.