What Customers Crave a New Book on Customer Experience Design

Innovation Meets Customer Experience Design

I spend over 18 months researching and writing “What Customers Crave” and now it’s on its way to final development and printing. The book will be available in bookstores worldwide this October. The best way to look at this body of work is that it is essentially “innovation meets customer experience design.” When you think about it, for the last several decades, when we think about innovation we think about bright shiny objects. The truth of the matter is bright shiny objects are nothing more than things that deliver customer value. Ironically these product and technology innovations are being disrupted by CX innovators that are creating new human experiences across the five key touch points, in both digital and nondigital channels across a range of what I call customer node types.

Customer Experience (CX) as a design process

In the book I share with my readers how the best organizations in the world go beyond old-fashioned customer relationship management, net promoter score and voice of the customer processes to dig deeper into identifying their customers as notes. Once we identify our customer types we can then create incredibly relevant and therefore superior human experiences across the five key touch points. The five key touch points include pre-touch, first touch, core touch, last touch and in touch. Each of these touch points need to deliver layered and dynamic value beyond the customers baseline level of customer expectation. Shockingly most organizations are still using systems that were developed in the 70s and 80s well before the connected economy. Perhaps more shockingly many organizations that compete in highly competitive markets have not even developed an integrated customer experience strategy. In fact my research uncovered the fact that most organizations erroneously assume that the experience they deliver their customers is excellent, yet their customers routinely and widely disagree. This disconnect between what a company thinks they’re delivering versus what their customers are perceiving is the gap that needs to be closed. On May 1st  we will launch the books website that will provide ongoing podcasts and other value-added content as we ramp up to the book launch this fall.

About the Author: I’m a Innovation Consultant Author and keynote speaker with over 25 years of experience in the fields of healthcare, innovation, and customer experience. I work with some of the top brands in the world including CIGNA, Verizon, Microsoft, Gatorade, and Johnson & Johnson, McDonald’s, Blue Cross and Cisco just to name a few. I help them lead their markets through building out customer and market driven strategies that drive growth, and profitability and customer loyalty. As a speaker I speak it over 40 events worldwide each year on the future of healthcare, technology and the connected economy.

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