Great interview by Jamie from the eventual millionaire on the importance of customer experience design and insights from my book what customers crave.

Why you shouldn’t define your target market by demographics, socio-economics nor gender! (And what you should do instead.) Where do all perfect human experiences originate from. (And how

You need to own the Guest Relationship!

At a recent "Hospitality Hackathon" that I facilitated for top executives in the hospitality and travel industry, I discovered something interesting. In the old days hospitality and travel led the world in customer experience, then something terrible happened! The executives that led these organizations made

How Being Stupid Drives Innovation and Creativity
My Story
Growing up I did very poorly in school, leading the district psychologist to proclaim I was “educationally handicapped”, in other words stupid. That led me doing what all “educationally handicapped” people do, INNOVATE. Today I hold 40 patents, the millions of dollars invested

This is the commencement address I gave after receiving my honorary doctorate degree from Western University of Health Science

I would like to thank this incredible institution, The Board of Trustees, Provost, Deans, and Faculty for the unbelievable honor to have received my honorary Doctorate Degree today.

It is also a great