And the Answer is, (Drum Roll Please) …….. NO!

If customer experience is a design process, and it is, then it’s incredibly important that we pay attention to micro-moments. Today we have the power of digital ubiquity, connection architecture and a wide range of enabling technologies to invent perfect human experiences. The problem is, most organizations are using the wrong tools to glean insights about what customers hate and what customers love. I suggest to my clients to become far more thoughtful about micro moments so that we can create contiguous experiences that are amazing. Let me give you a small, but important example. I typically go to Chevron stations to get my gas. When I go to the pump and insert my card it always asked me the same question “are you a Safeway rewards member?” and my answer is always the same NO. It turns out most people aren’t a Safeway rewards member (See the worn out NO button in this post) so why does it keep asking, and for that matter why should I care. Getting gas is a pain, but when the wind is blowing and you’re trying to fill up your car the last thing you need this for Chevron to ask you the same damn question.

Customer Experience

Asking me this question elongates my time and makes me feel as if Chevron doesn’t know or care about me. I know I’m sounding really needy right now, but it turns out that this could easily be fixed so that once you answered this question it would simply never ask you again. By making this small improvement you are not interrupting your customer and making them feel as if they’re not important. Remember it’s these micro-moments that add up to be mega moments that ultimately determine who we get to do business with. I know what you’re thinking, this isn’t that big of a deal in the total scope of things. But when we can easily fix things leveraging innovation and technology it seems to me that we should. As you approach your planning for 2017 remember that we are in a customer experience war, and the organization that delivers the best experiences even the best micro experiences will have a competitive advantage.

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