Are you a Born Public Speaker?

The short answer is absolutely NOT! I speak at over 50 events each year around the world and I have a great honor of meeting and working with some of the top speakers in the world. What I’ve learned from my colleagues that in the speaking profession and from my own personal experience is that speaking requires three basic ingredients 1.) Passionate message connected to your own experience or expertise, 2.) Professional training 3.) Practice

Two days ago I received this email from my daughter’s teacher

I wanted to tell you what a fabulous job Paige did on her last book report presentation in December.  I was going to email you sooner but I got swamped with the holidays and here we are in mid January.  Every now and then I see a performance that jumps out.  A student who does something way beyond what the peers do.  This was Paige with public speaking.  She is a very natural and talented speaker.  She reminded me of Nick when he did the presentation for Mrs. William’s class back in the days when Taylor was at Grant.  I know that Paige will do well in life but I would encourage her to continue pursuing a field that involves public speaking.  I could see her doing a TED talk one day


Born Public Speaker

There is a slight caveat to the “born speaker concept” and that is there are some people who just tend to be more comfortable sharing their passion in front of others. Having said that I’ve seen many wallflowers turned into awesome speakers. Today, I have an Acting Coach, Comedy Coach and Speaking Coach. I’m constantly trying new approaches to engage the audience and I spend hours preparing for each and every talk. Even with all of that every once in a while we all take a face plant. So my message here is simple, don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t have what it takes to share with the world your amazing message, the audience is waiting.

Public Speaking

Every kid is an innovator and a born public speaker