Use Fake Teeth (Everyone Is Doing It)

There was a time when you’d reach a certain age and your teeth would begin to rot and fall out. You would make the dreaded trip to the dentist, get into the torture-device-like chair, and look into the stadium grade light hanging from the ceiling. You’d look at the dentist with concern and tell him your troubles: “My teeth are falling out, doc.” He’d show his plastic smile and reply, “Don’t worry. It’s completely normal.” You’d make an appointment to get fitted for dentures and that would be that.

This is no exaggeration. It was quite acceptable for your teeth to fall out and dentists really did consider this normal. But was it, actually? I’m no orthodontist, but in today’s day and age, I doubt that teeth falling out is a normal occurrence for the average American – even the ones who brush every day but forget to floss. So what has changed? Was it dramatic advances in toothpaste and toothbrush technology? No. What changed was our mindset along with our overall knowledge and understanding of dental health. Wearing dentures wasn’t actually normal. It was simply common. And here’s where this illustration becomes relevant to you.

Standard best practices and the obsession with risk management are the business world’s dentures. These conservative systems, procedures, and management styles aren’t normal. They’re simply common. Informed risk-taking in business leads to long-lasting and invaluable innovation. This is the new state of business health. Breaker leadership is not a reactive, emergency response. It’s preventive healthcare, ensuring that you and your company are operating at an optimum. You can either to go about your company with the common approach or become uncommon, distinguishing you and your organization from the competition.

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